Do Something



Join a mission team

Sponsor a child or elderly person

Be a Feed for Five Partner

Donate to help us purchase land for our high school and children’s home

Be a voice for child slaves by sharing this link with everyone you know:

Matthew West wrote a song titled Do Something, and the story behind it goes like this:  A college student traveled to Africa, and there she saw a need, a need for justice for the less fortunate. Her name was Andrea, and Andrea had a choice: A.) she could ignore the need, B.) she could pray for God to send someone else to fill the need, or C.) she could change her plans, her life, and do something beyond herself.

In life we all have choices. We can choose to see the homeless person on the street or ignore that person. We can choose to share hope with someone crying at the bus stop or pretend we don’t notice the tears. We can choose to spend 30 dollars to sponsor a child so he or she can eat or go to school or not. We all have choices. And this is another choice: You can choose to do something with your little life, a life that may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, or you can do nothing and go on with your day. All we can say from experience is that when you choose to live beyond yourself and do something, anything at all to pour love on another person in any way, you’ve made a difference, and that’s what counts.

Maybe you’re asking: How can I do something? Here is what we suggest: You just do something, and once you take that first step, ask God to lead you to the next one. Heidi Baker, a missionary in Mozambique, always says that we should “stop first for the ONE who is the ONE (God), and then stop for the one in front of us.” When we learn to love the one in front of us, God can use us to live beyond ourselves and our lives can make a difference in the lives of others every day. Take a look at the list above and find a place to start. You’re here, right now, on this page, so take the challenge–and DO SOMETHING!