Macomb Feeding Program

Haiti is located just 700 miles of the coast off Florida, and yet when one enters this fifth world country it seems impossible. How could this much poverty exist barely two hours from the thriving city of Miami? Unbelievable, maybe even unreal? Unfortunately, it is real poverty and real people who suffer daily.

Macomb is a small, rural community located on the Léogâne Plain in Haiti. There is little to no business in Macomb and most families live in desperate poverty. The earthquake hit this area hard and most homes fell; makeshift homes built by earthquake relief organizations are visible all over the community.

The church is run by a Haitian couple, Pastor Jackson Colas and his wife Martha. This couple loves the Lord and the people of Haiti. Love Feeds Our World has partnered with them to support the families of Macomb.

The feeding program provides for the children and elderly from the poorest families. These families are unable to adequately feed their children, and the children suffer from severe malnutrition. Some of these children eat only once every few days and their diets consist mainly of potatoes, roots and fruit from the trees when it’s available. It is not unusual for parents to give away or even sell a child in order to be able to feed their remaining children.

Our first meal was served on Monday June 17, 2013. It was a day of great celebration!

Those in the feeding program receive three hot meals per week consisting of meat, vegetables, fruit, and rice to supplement the meager meals they receive at home. They also receive vitamin supplements with each meal, and medical care. In addition to feeding their physical needs, we feed them spiritually as well. At each meal children and the elderly hear about Jesus and learn the Bible.

The feeding program is supported through generous donations and our sponsorship program. For more details about becoming a sponsor, please visit our sponsorship page.