Our Story

Mission trips can change lives. This is something that God taught us on our first mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2004. And he has been showing us this ever since. It was on our first mission trip that we learned about how others live, how they suffer without food, clean water, and education. It was where we saw Dominican and Haitian children whose hair was orange from malnutrition and parents who desperately wanted to work, but there were no jobs.

Since our first trip in 2004, we’ve served the Lord in the U.S. and in other foreign countries including Haiti and Venezuela, and it’s to Haiti where God calls us today.

For many years we served on mission teams and as team leaders, but we always came home knowing there was more to be done. One week mission trips changed our lives, but what type of long term impact were we having on the lives of the people we served? One way we continued to serve from the U.S. was through child sponsorship, and once or twice a year we visited our sponsored children and tried to pour into their lives the best we could. Today, we see our sponsored children as often as possible and have gotten to know and love their families. Eventually God led us to adopt Judson from an orphanage in Haiti; his adoption taught us about what it really means to hear from God and obey. And yet still, He was leading us to and preparing us for more…

Love Feeds Our World was a dream God placed on our hearts nearly two years ago. At first it was just something to pray about; it seemed so impossible. In our own ability it is still impossible. But with God, all things are possible! Trusting Him completely we stepped out in faith.

Since Love Feeds Our World first began, we have been able to see such remarkable progress that can only be described as Godly timing.

Today, Love Feeds Our World focuses on keeping families together through supporting the local church and community. In Haiti it is common for families to give away or even sell their children. It’s heartbreaking to know that I can go to the market in Port-au-Prince (Haiti’s capital) and purchase a “restavek” (child slave). It isn’t that these parents want to give away or sell their children, but they just cannot afford to feed and educate them, and unfortunately, this means that many children are forced into indentured servitude in order to survive. In James, it states that true religion is to care for widows and orphans. It is the elderly, widowed, orphaned and disabled who have it the worst in Haiti. They are the victims of all kinds of horrific injustice. In Matthew, Jesus said, what you’ve done for the least of these, you’ve done for me. We believe that God has called all of us to action. For our family that’s Love Feeds Our World, a faith-based, non-profit ministry striving to share the love of God through feeding programs, elderly care, medical clinics, Christ-centered education, and by supporting the local church.